Marty's Notes from Live Streams

I take lots of notes while watching the live stream and features after the they are posted (350 pages of composition book regarding 93 streams so far). I wrote up the attached summary for a meeting of the Inland Empire Bonsai Society in Spokane, WA this past weekend and decided it would be good to post after getting Sam’s blessing of the concept. It is based primarily upon the Detail Wiring I & II streams from May 2018, but includes some notes from other streams and feedback during the meeting from several other Mirai Live members. I hope it is a useful supplement to the streams, which I encourage you to review, and please remember that it is my interpretation. I hope to convert some of my other notes into a similar format and post them on this thread. - Marty

I hope this link to the pdf file works.


This is gold, thank you!!

Really wonderful! Thank you for sharing it!

This is fantastic
Exactly what I was looking for
That and the changes in soil components based on various species

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Thanks for sharing!! :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:

I did similarly, but perhaps more briefly and without drawings for our club.


This is a great summary to keep coming back to, thanks for sharing!

That’s great. Thanks so much.

Damn! I was skeptical just reading your description, but these notes are gold!

Great write-up, thanks so much for sharing this with us all.

Also, thanks Brian H!

Yes, good notes. Kept a copy. Thanks!!

Thanks so much for this. You put a lot of time into this and adding the graphics, very professional! I to take notes for a lot of the videos that I watch, and this is way better than my scribble.

Thanks to all for the favorable comments. My hand printed notes are very readable (something about teaching Engineering for decades), but they still get lots of editing before they make it into a document like the one I posted. I started on soils over the weekend which is going to take some time as I sift through all of the repotting streams I have watched for the tidbits.


Very helpful, thank you so much!

I really look forward to to the soil notes


You should definitely work with Mirai with those diagrams to make the Mirai Bible…


I was just going to do this as well. But now I don’t have to. I would be interested in seeing repotting.

This is really valuable! I regret not taking notes through the streams. Are a lot of gems of information in all streams, and now as i have been through it all I dont remember where i could find back to those gems. Also very nice drawings! Thank you very much! Hope to see more of these, I will try my self as well.

Nice! Thanks for sharing.