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If you are a beginner, gain your bearings within the complex world of bonsai. From soil to watering to basic techniques, build your foundation and expand your practice by asking questions and leveraging the knowledge of other Mirai Live members.


Expand your concept of bonsai design from the traditional to natural. Unpack why certain bonsai forms are more impactful than others, challenge each other’s aesthetics. Share your design inspirations, get feedback about your design-direction, use the aggregate knowledge to figure whether or not to cut that branch you’ve been staring at.


Together, we can master this unique artform by combining our horticultural knowledge and experience. Talk soils, water, growth management, advanced techniques – dig into the nitty-gritty science behind bonsai practice and theory. Share your wins, losses, what works, what doesn’t – the sum total of your observations as bonsai scientists.


Where you “talk shop,” from constructing benches and aerating greenhouses, to drilling holes in ceramics and ruminating on what type of sawdust to use. This is where you talk tools, gear, equipment, swag, construction — all of the supporting, functional facets of the bonsai practice and the random, humorous tidbits that come up along the way.


This is the index for the vast information available across the Mirai ecosystems and the place where the team will post updates. Get answers to F.A.Q.’s, troubleshoot technical issues, learn about upcoming workshops and Q&A’s, provide ideas for future streams, stay on the pulse of things happening at Mirai.