Thank You, Ryan Neil and Mirai staff

Thank you so much,
The knowledge you are dropping on all of us in the live streams is so helpful.
Last nights live stream “Multi-flush Developmental Pruning” was so informative, I especially love it when we are told to throw everything we know about multi-flush pines in the garbage, out the door, puke it out.
This is the new way we will look at bonsai, the knowledge from his apprenticeship in Japan and his understanding of horticulture that Ryan is unleashing every week on the live streams and that is archived, we are all evolving as bonsai practitioners.
Thank you again for creating Mirai!
And remember to listen to your trees.:grinning::evergreen_tree:


Dilly Dilly! I reflected a great deal on the concept of Western apprenticeship and Ryan’s inspirational and motivational message at the tail end of the stream. Mirai is truly a blessing. Mahalo and Dilly Dilly!

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Gotta agree Just one visit to Ryans garden advanced my knowledge and courage to go beyond myself. Absolutely mind altering enlightenment:joy:.

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