Corkbark Elm - Help me pick the front

Just wired and pruned and getting ready to re-pot in the next week or two, let me know your thoughts please; all photos are within a relatively narrow radius of rotation. I can certainly post more but the back side has more (unattractive) large pruning scars and the tree goes away from the viewer.

Photos are labeled A-F

much thanks!!


I’m a fan of C. And F secondly

Nice work @DrC!
I would go for C and question you about defining branch? There are two branches fighting for this. If you shorten the one on the right and create apex to the left you managed to get extraordinary ‘tension’ design. I like this a lot!


I am a Fan from photo B. The lowest branches are in good positions and the inverst taper in the middle of the trunk is not so visible. And the apax looks to the observer.
Itˋs a good looking tree and when this where mine, then i will let the right,lowest branch run, to thicken the trunk and then i will cut it of and make a very asymmetrically design. The branch on the back, are let grow a Little bit to the right . Put i donˋt know, if you like this Style of trees. Then repot it a little bit leaning to the right .

When you let the tree stays in the present style, i am also a fan from picture B.

Nice weekend

really like your idea of right lower branch as future sacrifice branch - i’ll definitely keep that in mind for its future; appreciate the feedback. I think you’re spot-on w the reverse taper i i hadn’t noticed that between those two views

I think you’re right and i agree w the ‘competition’ for defining branch and may need to commit for it to have good visual flow

It’s E for me, good distribution of branches, nice flow. Looks very 3 dimensional so suspect that choice of front might be different ‘in the flesh’?


B or E for me. Hard to tell from the pictures but looks like the best base and maximizes the trunk movement. Awesome tree!

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Agree with @darren on E too!

B and E for me. How does it look 180° to these? And what does the nabari look like.

How well does cork bark elm bud on older branches I know cork bark maples you need to keep developing the inner buds when you get them. I think elm is better in that respect, but not sure.

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For me the tree has more dimension with E, which looks like B slightly tilted in, and therefore bowing a bit towards us. The lowest branch on our right also closes up the big gap that you see in example D, so I like E as well.

I would probably go with E, because the base and the movement of the trunk seems to be optimized in this position. Still, I would tilt the tree slightly towards the viewer and slightly more to the right, to avoid vertical lines towards the apex.
After that, I would also shorten the longer branch on the upper right part of the tree, orient the apex to the left and let the branches grow out a little more on the left side in general to create even more tension in the design.

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I am thinking that picture B&E are the same position. When i an looking at the corner of the pot.

How much you lean to the front, that have you to look at this.

Nice day

Howdy! I agree with many here, B and E. I believe they are the same anyway just that E is tilted forward. This is cool tree and I’m sure it’ll look great either way.

E with some long term adjusts will be great!

I vote E as well. I like the slight tilt compared to B (my second favorite).

I like E and then F. Good base and good movement. But I think you need to commit to a defining branch. Looks like you have some options. That decision will lead to harmony or tension depending on the apex which looks like it could go either way. Nice tree with a lot to work with.

E definitely has the best base, along with close to the best movement. And the primary branches have good placement with that front. With some of the others the branches are not in ideal spots.

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back buds great; it’s actually a problem; constantly throwing out new shoots from the trunk and main branches (can lead to nodularity and inverse taper if not maintained); I didn’t include the 180 bc I already ruled these out (there were scar issues, and the tree leans heavily away from the viewer from those positions (i.e. it is leaning toward the viewer in the positions I have shown)

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Thanks for all the input! I am leaning towards E as well; and you are all correct - the last 2 views are identical to previous views except just tilted more forward. I will be re-potting most likely next weekend so I will be sure to post the final result.

Really appreciate the input and I am glad I posted, it will definitely facilitate the development moving forward.