Help the newbie find the front please

Having trouble here. Any design help appreciated.

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Can we try this again? Pull the tree out of the pot for the sake of the photo’s and we will be able to see the nebari much better and make suggestions based on what we can actually see. If not photo #1 and #4 are getting pretty close.

Ok I will do that tomorrow

Yes, seeing the nebari would help, but it looks like 2nd or 4th from what see. looks like you may want to lose the upper 1/3 or more also.

Nice tree. Great taper on the bottom 1/3!

Check out this vid., it may help.

Have fun and good luck

agreed with above posters about nebari, but i like 4 from these pics

I think y’all sleeping on that good lean on 2/3.


I think 4 for sure. Best angle, second best nebari.

Nice looking tree, is it P. Sylvestris? My advice (coming from very limited experience) is don’t be in a hurry. Spend some time with the tree and work out which features in it you find interesting. Also, don’t be in too much of a hurry to cut out potential flaws unless they are already causing problems. Normally you start at the base and work up, identifying best nebary, best taper, best first branch and so on.
I have found that if you hurry, you end up with a coocky cutter tree, although maybe we need to make this type of tree to learn.

That’s what I was thinking, but I like one side for a day or two, then I like a different side for a day or two, then I get confused. -so I thought I’d seek help here. I am liking #3 the best today. I don’t know what kind of tree it is, it had no tag.

I like #4, good root and base flare. The movement is soft. It already has alternative branching to pick from. It will be a nice graceful little tree. 3 is good too. Nice find.

One crossing root should be removed then eventually remaining roots will develop better as trunk grows. Also angle of tree can be changed to bring roots to the surface and improve look depending on future style desired.
How big do you want the trunk? It should be planted in ground or grow box and sacrifice branch(apex)grown to grow trunk. Lower branches can be selected for development getting rid of whorl and
bar branches keeping the ones on outside of bends. If practical bends can be added to trunk. Time is needed for development of best tree. Patience grasshopper:wink:. A good front will become apparent in time. First priority is to keep alive.