Your Styling tips for my Juniperus Sabina

Hey guys,

I am in the process of rewiring my Savin and I feel I am stuck. Its got a good amount of foilage already and the idea was to give it some initial direction let it grow till summer and finalise the design. The style looks a bit boring as it is and now I am not even sure about the front as I have discovered a beautiful and even more interesting option to the original front.

Please let me have your thoughts and creativity. I suppose I need some out of the box thoughts ideas.

Thank you😊

Best Rrgards from Vienna, Auatria

Original front

Potential front🤔


I find it impossible to style a tree from a photograph but the second front is a vast improvement. The planting angle may need tipping down a touch as well.


I would go for photo 2 aswell. The twisting root and the deadwood.
Tilting like blow55 says is probably needed. Also depends on the roots ofcourse:)

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I like the proposed front as well.

I actually like the first front, too. It has the less interesting roots, but the deadwood half way up looks great.

My biggest gripe with both is the foliage. Either push towards the length, by brining in the shorter side, or trim the length back. As it is now, it looks like a pompadour. :yum:

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Thank you. Appreciated. Makes sense to me and confirms my good feelings of developing with the alternative front in mind. Tipping it will probably reqire a differnt pot but without it I am not sure what to do with all that foilage on a horizontal level. The pompadour needs a haircut I feel😊. Further ideas are always welcome



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