First styling of a Juniperus chinensis

I am quite happy with this first styling of this tree. It was quite challenging to come up with a styling plan. I am still making wiring mistakes but I definitely see an improvement from the previous juniper I worked on in both style and technique. This is a nursery stock Juniperus chinensis but it has that wonderful puma pee smell of sierra junipers. This tree was potted in the spring of 2016 and crushed under a big tree that fell in my garden in the spring of 2017 and lost some branches. It was repotted in the spring of 2018 and grew well. It was styled for the first time now. The trunk and defining branch movement go to the left. I think to be honest I didn’t quite decide if the apex should go to the to the right creating a dynamic design, or to the left to create a harmonious design. As a consequence the apex is a bit confused. I might retouch it later.

Spring 2016:

Before styling:

After styling:

and a quick poor quality video:


Nice work! I see what you are saying about the apex. Maybe just compress the right hand side a little bit. image

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Nice job Rafi, nice tree and nice styling!
I think the apex looks pretty good. If you made a change my choice would be to move to the left.
Also, the large jin above the one at the base (particularly noticeable in the video) seems to large.
I think a reduction there would work well.
The biggest comment to leap forward with the tree would simply be a little more pad definition.
Cleaning up the bottom of the pads of any hanging or down growing shoots will make a big difference.
I always find the last 10% of work in a styling makes a huge visual difference in the tree.
A really good initial styling! Thanks for sharing.

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I agree @dscott, the last 10% makes a big difference. I will take a look but I don’t want to remove more foliage at this point, if I can rearrange the pads or the pad tips a bit, that’s ok for me. Good point on shortening the large jin - will look into it. I somehow was going for the illusion it gives of more deadwood.

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Rafi, the first reaction when I saw this tree was Harmony. Trunk leaning left, leading branch leaning left, the apex can easily be trained to direct in harmony, good start.

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Hey rafi,

Think you did a really passable job.
But when, on the picture of the finish tree, is your chosen front, then i give you something to consider.

I would change the chosen front, slightly to the left, because for me, the base looks then more stable and powerful. on the video maybe, between second 30 to 32. The two trunks (one jin) are very two-dimensional and in one line.

the back branches are remind me to a stairway downwards. Is not a big deal and in the design you didn’t see it.

Make a harmonious design in the apex, the trunk is dramatic enough.

high five, from the heart of europe

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Being the “old guy from Eastern Pennsylvania”, I would (if this were my tree) jin off the large dropped branch. The trunk is fairly thin, so could lend itself to a more elegant Literati style. of course, the tree would have to be in MAJOR health to do this, as removal of that much foliage would challenge the tree.
Happy Holidays to all…I hope everyone gets their special “Bonsai Christmas”!

i think this long thin trunk trees needs more compact branches, some times only one branch to construct the tree.
what do you think in removing some foliage and reduce a little the branches?
here in brazil we dont have large wild juniperus, only field growing… so a lot of rafia, guide wire and prayers kkkkk

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Well, don’t they say that ‘deus é brasileiro’?