Nursery stock Juniperus chinesis design evolution

This is one of my first bonsai projects after about 17 months of progress. First, a BIG shout out and thank you to the whole Mirai community for all of the knowledge and inspiration I’ve gathered over the past two plus years which has led to my own growth and love of Bonsai. Just wanted to share a bit of progress on one of my first trees, a garden center special, Juniperus chinesis. This was acquired in March 2018 and has been in development ever since. It still has a long way to go in terms of design. The plan is to continue to develop it past the symmetrical form it currently has to something a bit more dynamic.

I’m already seeing some opportunity for improvement by tilting the trunk at the next repot to remove the vertical positioning at the base (and find a more suitable pot ;). I’d also like to keep the motion moving to the right with the main branch and perhaps turn the branch on the left into deadwood after some additional maturity.

As of Aug 2019 the tree measures about 14" from base of trunk to the apex.

Feedback and thoughts about where this might go next are most certainly welcome!!!


Thats a class progression. nice.
As you say, see how it fills out, then find where you can open up some space.
I’d be tempted to keep the branch on the left alive, but shorten to increase the asymmetry, otherwise there might be a lot of negative space from the soil all the way up the left side.
But maybe not?

Looking good!:+1:t2:
Here’s my feedback, Tilt the tree to the right enough to take out the straightness of the trunk. That’s the first thing my eyes went to. Of course you will have to rearrange some branches and pads
Prop the pot on the left. post another pic.
Great start for this trees journey :metal:t2::evergreen_tree::grinning: