Juniper Hetzii start and progress

Hi all,

I’m new to the Mirai forum. Just got the App and a subscription. Lovin’ (read addicted) to all the content.

Some 1,5 years ago I got myself a big (for me then) Juniper Hetzii. I could be yamadori or fieldgrown, but it was really raw. In regards to the specie and variety it could be Juniperus chinensis 'Hetzii Glauca, but Im not really sure.

I cleaned it up and came up with a plan.

Next I let it grow out for a year, and took the structural wiring of before it started to bite in too much. This year I went along with my plan and with the set structural branches it was time to do detailed wiring. Sidenote: This is the first time I did this intensive deep wiring to a tree, so sure give me your feedback, but be nice oke ? :slight_smile:

I have 360 degrees reel with more detail on my IG page @sunayamabonsai if you like to see (as I cant show video here).

What do you think!?



The only thing that feels strange to me is the thickness of the trynk leading up to the apex. This looks much thicker than the branch directly below it, which feels like an imbalance. Not sure there’s much to be done about it, since there’s not a viable option from what I see.

On a different point, this tree looks very familiar. Did you get this at a vendor from Bonsai van het Westen in Delft? I bought a very similar hertzii from a vendor there last year (same looking pot, same looking soil mix).

Yes, that’s exactly where I bought it.

I see your point on the design, thanks for the feedback.