Juniperus chinensis 'spartan'

I know. Not a very good bonsai candidate, but i couldn’t resist. great base-nebari, 4"trunk, 5ft. tall. branches grow straight up like alberta spruce but much thicker. thinking maybe trunk chop training branches to grow naturally up. have not seen one as bonsai, has anyone else? also when best time to do trunk chop? next july? tree is very healthy. any help appreciated.

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Can you upload a photo?


I have one that I bought two years ago when I was first starting out and didn’t know much. After looking at it and looking at a few other junipers that I have acquired since, to my eye, the foliage isn’t super appealing for most styles except maybe a tortured, sparse, Bunjin look. So that’s the direction that I’m taking mine. I’ll try to grab a picture tonight. On the plus side, I’ve made all kinds of beginner mistakes with mine (repotting out of season, wind blowing the tree off my deck, etc) and it has survived - I guess they are tough as nails.

Here is a picture of mine

very nice. thank you for sending pic. i have a lot of work to do on mine. have all winter to think about it.