Juniperus procumbens 'Nana' display shohin. Give me your thoughts

been in training for 3years. it’s about 11 inches tall. The pot is 6inches wide 3inches tall. Please give me some feedback. If this was your tree what would you do different? And if you could pick a pot for it from the miriai store pot selection send a link in your comment. And please pay no attention to the price on the old picture. I was going through some hard time almost has to sell my trees.


You’ve really maximized the material that’s for sure. The foliage design is fantastic. My two critiques are, I wish I could see more of the live vein. And the trunk movement is… not great to say the least. That big straight taperless section will always keep this tree from being great. But you obviously have the skill and technique to make great juniper bonsai, would love to see anything else you’re working on.

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Thank you for the critique I appreciate it alot. I trust the Mirai community to give honest and constructive feedback…I have an Instagram @nicks_bonsai

First off, wishing you the best and hope your hard times are behind you.

Second, nice work with the material. I would say a more developed nebari would really help bring out the best in your tree. Could be it is just hiding under the moss, but I don’t see it that clearly in the photo.

Good luck with your practice, and thanks for sharing your work.