Nursery Juniper design

Hi all, this is a tree that i got from a nursery earlier this year. It’s an itoigawa. I repotted in Feb and restyled last week. I have watched numerous vids as well as the nursery stock vids from Mirai, to get some inspiration. The nursery stock came in looking quite healthy, although it has that distinct S shape for these young trees. There was two big branches that came out from the main trunk which made it abit hard to decide which to keep.

This is essentially my first time getting nursery stock and creating a tree myself. Any critique as well as constructive feedback will be welcome. The wiring is a bit rough there on the top. I am planning to get a few more of these and practice cleaning, wiring, and design. I am quite surprised that doing the tree was so enjoyable. I always got these refined shohin size trees and thought they were nicce but pretty blend, so i decided to try my hands at actually designing and developing my own trees from nursery materials.


In the middle of the styling

Final styling. It’s kept in partial shade now. Will put it back out into full sun whenever it shows new growth.

Thanks for any input!


I like it! The pot is great, too. The only thing I might consider changing is removing a branch or two on the right hand side, to divide the foliage into an upper and lower pad. There’s one in particular that looks like it comes from the back of the big shari section that curves differently than all the others. It kinda seems to drop straight down rather than sweeping out like everything else.

I will say that this is so much better than anything I’ve managed so far. Thanks for sharing!

I agree there is a bit too much foliage on the right. Does that branch have enough flexibility to go to the left? I suspect not but I’d be curious to see what it looks like with the defining branch going left.

I think you did a great job and the only thing I would consider is playing with the potting angle (when it’s time to repot again)

Thanks for the feedback guys!

Yep, one of the big complications when i was bending was that branch at the back. It was pretty thick and abit hard to bend compared to some of the other branches. I was also pretty scared of pruning more of it as i thought i had gone close if not already over the max 40% before it starts reverting to juvenile foliage. I am still not entirely sure of what i am gonna do with that back branch yet. So i am gonna wait it out till next year and see how it goes before pruning more.

I will update this design as time goes on!