Large juniper shimpaku design advice

Hello all,

I’d love to get some feedback about some design options for this lovely shimpaku juniper that I’ve just acquired. I’ve been told this has been in this large grow box for the last 5 years. You can see that it’s been doing quite well and seems to be quite healthy - lots of green growth. One flaw about the current tree is that the ground-facing trunk / branches have no growth - so one side is much more barren than the other.

I’m looking for feedback on the future styling on tree. I’ve attached two different angles that I think could be a good move - but I’d love to hear your feedback if you’d like to volunteer an opinoin

My first choice for new design. In this situation I’d be looking to thin this out, wire out some new pads, and redistribute

Second choice. I think I’d be inclined to chop off most of the branches in the bottom right quarter (long leggy branches, doesn’t fit into the overall rhythm of the tree)


Lots of potential. If I was to work this tree I would go for removal of some of those extended branches on the top of the tree. Potentially go as far as break off the main trunk and incorporate a fake act of god. One that would be similar to how a apex breaks of in a storm. Than use the tighter foliage in the lower portion of the tree. Just an option. Tree looks super healthy!!!

Very hard to say. But I would check the best base/movement in the trunk first.
Then you can eliminate some branches, perhaps.
Maybe define a primairy branch and the decide on the eventual hight of the tree.

Lots of potential, but not easy on a picture.

@niek13 good advice on the trunk. I truly have no idea what lurks under the surface - this will obviously have quite some influence on a potential new angle.

I’m going to hold off on any work until next spring when I can start inspecting the roots at a more appropriate time of year. As eager as I am to clean and wire I think best to exercise patience for now.

Also useful to keep the foliage for recovery of the roots on a juniper:)

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