Design option ideas

With mid summer coming up for me to do work on my squamata juniper. I would love everyone’s ideas and thoughts on what to do on the design of my juniper. Been stuck on what to do. Any ideas any direction would be great

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Hi Mick, looking at the photos I think you could create a really nice Mother and child tree using the small second trunk. This will dictate the direction you take the tree. Just an idea…

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Thanks Keith I did have this idea as well

From the photos you’ve posted, the bottom trunk/branching doesn’t add anything to the tree. In fact, I’d say it really obscures and distracts from the lovely upper canopy (which can of course be developed and refined further). We’re trying to make tiny images of big trees, and the lower branch just makes the tree look like a small/shrubby ground-cover juniper. Removing it (maybe making some kind of dramatic jin) would open up a view to the trunk and give some direction and proportion to the design.

These are just my initial impressions based on the photos you’ve shared.


Thanks for your thoughts Joe. I had aslo throught of making it into a Jin. Just wanted to get other people’s thoughts before making any decisions

Your photos show a very healthy tree Mick. I would explore the movement showing in the upper canopy by thinning the foliage and establishing a design direction. Clean the juniper of crotch growth and unwanted branches and wire larger branches for structure design. Don’t remove any larger branches while the tree recovers its vigor. An unwanted scar on the trunk is not needed at this point of development and the tree may still guide your hand of what needs to be done in the coming seasons. For right now it’s just water and oxygen and enjoy the experience.

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