Juniper design opinion

Hi guys. Would love to get your opinions on design idea on which way you think I should go with my juniper squamata. I live in Queensland Australia and we are in fall here.


This tree looks great already! From my perspective, it looks like it has been styled once before. If so, looks like your goal would be to give it a 2nd styling. Clean up the pads, remove dead needles and branches, clean up the bark and then go from there. Do all that and then let’s see what it looks like.

Can’t believe no one commented on this yet!

It looks a little top heavy to me so I would thin that dome. I also wonder about planting it a bit deeper to ground layer the spot where the trunk runs horizontally for a bit. That would give it a wider nebari and increase the stability.

Any updated photos to show us what you decided on?

I have done a little more. Just waiting for spring to come. Was considering putting it in a larger nursery pot to grow more and changing the angle bit not sure