Say hello to my latest Juniper

I have found this lucky gem and bought it today.
It’s a juniperus Sabina and I really love the trunks movement. It is very wildly grown and didn’t have a good cut for a while I think, but it has a lot of potential and looks very healthy.

It is already a half cascade. Right? The trunk doesn’t go below the pot so this is only half cascade even though the leaves reach lower?!

The longer I look at it I find very feminine movements in the trunk and branches and even though it does have a bit of Shari I want to style it more
Feminine. Maybe give it a round pot. Something a little bit more of a flat pot. With a bit of a hill and way more topdressing.

Maybe this one.

But I am also thinking about moving the Shari up the trunk a bit. It’s quite low on the trunk and suddenly stops.

I was thinking about giving it movement and design it with the flowing movement to the left. I want the dynamic that I see from mirai and so I won’t wire the lower branches back to the pot. Do you think that’s a good idea?

What do you think? And what do you guess it’s age?

Thanks :pray:t2:


I think if you put a length of rebar in secure it to the trunk you can raise the branches 30 to 40 cm to keep the flow and make the juniper look old and alpine. Just saying it can be done.

First step should be to clean out foliage to get a clear line of what the branches are doing and to let sunlight and air into the interior.
It looks like you have achieved the spread on the nebari, but exploring to see if the buttress leans to the left or right may make a big difference in your design. Letting the tree decide what it wants to do is part of the puzzle.
I am envious and will travel to your house if you want to give it away!!

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Haha. It sure was a lucky find. It’s awesome to work on it, as it is looking much more what Ryan is working on than any of my other trees.

I am currently cleaning the tree. Give way to see the movement of the trunk. It’s a real beaut.

I am wondering though how to get rid of the moss/algae on the Shari.

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I have three Sabina’s here in Spain. Take things slowly with these trees. They love to just sulk for a year after major works. Don’t feed to heavily and let them somewhat dry a little before re watering. They love a full sun position. Avoid them being constantly wet, by that I mean the balance of water and oxygen is so important with this variety of Juniper. They are a wonderful species to work with you just have to give them what they need.


Hey nick. Thanks for all the tips. Will do :slight_smile:

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So. I have tony white bugs in my soil and was wondering what to do? They kinda look like these

Not as many though and they are mostly just in the soil. Are they harmful to my juniper?
Should I get rid of them? How?

Thanks for the help

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Cant reply tell from the picture, need more close up shot.
If they are moving they are root aphids.
If they are not moving they are ant eggs.


Over on the left I can see quote a few with legs and antennae. Look like aphids to me. I don’t know what type but they are similar in appearance to the ones that lived in my greenhouse over winter and infested my tomato plants. Other than seeing them on one the the live streams I don’t know what root aphids look like so I can’t really comment on that.
As a starter I would get a ornamental plant insect spray. In the UK I use Rose Clear and use as per instructions. If that doesn’t solve the problems then it may be the problem is below the surface.

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Yes they are moving.
Root aphids sounds terrifying. Are they harming my bonsai?

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They definitely live under the soil :frowning:

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So I did a little research and it seems that Hose things are root aphids. Though they seem really tiny to images I have seen on the internet.
Anyway. What is the safest and best way to get rid of them?

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I believe Ryan mentions in a video using nematodes for treatment.


Root Aphids - Shot the video today. Nematodes have been applied?
There is a post on the forum as well about nematodes for root aphids


Thanks. I used nematodes on my juniper now. The bugs are gone and my tree looks still healthy. So yay!