Help Please, Juniper Shimpaku Kishu

first styling of this juniper. I’m lost about what to do. maybe some levels?

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It looks like you have 3 decent branches to work with and perhaps a couple of smaller ones. It also looks like you wired it all into one pad. Or am I missing something.

I also noticed that your wire wraps are very close together and it looks like fairly light gauge aluminum. That combination makes it hard to position the branches.

Why don’t you post a couple of close up pictures of the foliage from different angles so we can see what options might be available.

Finally, if the deadwood on the trunk is fresh I would apply some heavy wire and give it some more shape.


I am no professional but I would give the structural wiring stream a view. Follow those up with the detail wiring videos. And some of the pruning videos.

When I get stuck, I fall back on to the fundamentals. Remove the downward growing and hanging foliage. I remove crotch growth that I am not going to use and take 3’s down to 2’s.

It always seems to get me to where I am going when I look at a tree and feel overwhelmed. But by all means listen to what others say because I feel like I never know what I am doing.


Junipers can be a challenge and I had a similar issue when confronted with similar stock. I think you ave received good advice from your post and I concur that creating levels in your foliage pads would make the design more engaging. I’ve added a before and after of a Juniperus chinensis to show you how I dealt with the issue.

Juniperus chinensis 8 (Raw stock from Scott) May 2020|323x500