Styling Large Juniper

I had someone come to me and ask to pay me to work on their bonsai tree that they had purchased and had for around a year.

I did the bottom right branch in one sitting, then decided to take photos before I went any further. I also was a bit disappointed with how I handled that branch.

The apex needed a bit more work, but I was wiring one branch that I ended up breaking, so I figured I’d thin it out a bit and readdress that later.

All your comments and criticisms are welcome, wanting to learn here.

I will say there were many times I was able to think back on what I’ve learned through Mirai and then proceed with confidence. I love you guys!

Edit: I honestly hate the bones on this tree, but hey, you gotta work with what you’re given.

I think you did nice work considering the fact you mentioned - it is very boney tree.
The apex feels heavy to me. Is it just a thick bush or any branching there that could be potentially split in two?

The top of that tree is really killing it for me. Maybe Jin the top above the high right branch.


As it is, the small tree doesn’t really relate to the main one. Ryan’s idea brings them together

Definitely agree with you @ryan.marin I’m not sure the owner was as gung ho as I was about removing too much of it. I would absolutely remove that if I felt he really gave me free reign to do as I pleased. I’ll see what he thinks.

@CoffeeCherry The top left has one strong branch that goes straight out with little ramification, and the right side is essentially a conglomeration of long spindly branches :confused:

Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated.

This is part of what I think puts me off about the tree. They two trunks have nothing to do with each other.