Advice on Cork Bark Elm - Chopped top trunk transition to new shoot

Acquired this very “corky” Cork Bark Elm mid-summer and i’ve been doing some light wiring and mostly letting it grow out. It came with a hard sawed off top to the trunk and a new small leader/apex shoot was already growing from the outside edge. The shoot is starting to roll over the deadwood cut line but i’m concerned it won’t make it all the way over to give me a clean transition as it stands.

I did do some carving on what was the flat top cut to try and encourage more roll over the top. I’m wondering if I should keep going at carving under the edge of the new shoot and forming more of a concaved crevice to create a cleaner tapered transition when the top shoot starts to thicken out. I’m not sure how this would work or if I’ll always have a break in the trunk transition, any advice would be appreciated!

The tree is Nebari-less (BASELESS!) I’m hoping to eventually repot more horizontally to try and bury the lower right edge and uncover whats under the left side soil to create some sort of base. outside of that i’m not sure i’ll be able to get any sort of radial base going. any ideas here?


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I would carve the flat top at a 45 degree or greater angle to create more taper once it heals. I would not undercut the new apex. I would leave the new cut slightly convex and seal it with one of the cut pastes that promote strong healing.

You can probably root some cuttings and use them to help create a nebari.