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Just curious: what changes should you see in the mobile app when you upgrade to pro? I have upgraded and a number of features are still missing (most notably, none of the Pro calendars can be turned on), but I had assumed this is because we’re all waiting on an app update for that. Am I wrong?

On the Web sign in page for Mirai Academy, at the bottom of the page it lists what you get with the Standard and Pro subscriptions.
I studied in person with a teacher who was and is a luminary in Bonsai Creation, teaching and publishing. He taught at the hat time (<2008) with a combination of traditional, current and more science based methods. It was a wonderful experience. Not through voice, I had to stop practicing Bonsai.
I find Ryan same Mirai too be a fantastic learning platform. It shows in detail techniques and methods, Horticulture and all the knowledge you need to succeed with graded levels to sit everyone.
I have bought courses from another teaching site.i have spent at least the amount I have spent on a year of Mirai Pro. I am always looking for a different perspective, but unless that is your need, stick with Mirai. You will learn more (Michael Hagedorn’s lectures an exception)

Thanks. I still can’t tell if I’m getting the Pro features in the mobile app. I see 9 courses in the Academy section of the app. As with the Pro calendars that I can’t toggle on, I had assumed that there would be more available in the future, but not currently. Wrong?

I have the Pro subscription and currently only see 9 courses in the academy. When I navigate to Settings then Calendar, I see 4 Pro calendars however they are not yet released so I cannot toggle them on. I have entered over 10 trees, and I believe 10 is the limit for standard members. Based on what you are describing and what I’m seeing I’m guessing you have Pro level access within the app. The comment about more content coming in the future, I think the answer is definitvely yes, that has been the message that I’m consistently hearing.

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Question regarding the calendars from a relative beginner:

I’m based in Melbourne Australia, which the app tells me it’s zone nine. All of the Autumn work on my trees is listed to begin in the first week of February, which is the last month of Summer here. My question is why am I not doing this Autumn work in the first week of March (actual Autumn?) Based on Ryan’s streams I’m guessing it’s because early Autumn work essentially begins once the days start getting noticeably shorter. My only concern is that here in Australia February still tends to contain some very hot, dry weather.

I believe that that is all that is available right now. The pro subscription covers everything. That includes the Mirai Live website and all its content. I love the blogs and use Podbean though I’d imagine your favorite podcast app would carry the Mirai Asymmetry podcast

I would assume that the colander is a broad based time frame. For me I will still stick to my time frames which I believe will still fall in the Mirai window of work. It would be helpful to be able to adjust your calendar some like shifting it forward or back a week.

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Its definitely not all available none of the pro calendars are up and running yet, unless you know something I don’t.


The app is great and thank you all for the work.

I have come across an issue when I want to change the cover picture of one of my trees. It won’t allow me to select a new cover picture and nothing happens.

@James_C I noted this. Go out to the main page, and back into My Trees. It does replace it.

Thanks but still doesn’t work for me.

I encountered this as well, I believe that it takes a while to upload / update photos in the background. I just try a couple of more times and then it finally doest it. Could be impatiece on my part I admit.

The ability to select multiple trees for a common activity, like “Apply water” is something that would save so much time. I have more than 30 trees and it almost takes me longer to enter the activity on the app than to actually perform the activity. Not sure if this is coming soon or if it is already possible but it would be almost a must have for people with large collections.
Thank you again for improving the app daily…


When I get a notification on my phone from the Mirai app I can see part of the notification, the one from today I could see the following “Junipers are waking up…” I’ll press on the notification which opens the Mirai app and puts me on the home page. I dont see the notification anywhere in the app therefore I cant find out anything more about the notification other than “Junipers are waking up…”

Are other folks able to find notifications from within the app and find out more info?

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We fixed the set cover image glitch over the weekend. Should be working now! If anyone runs into the issue still, please let me know. Thanks :slight_smile:



Discover the latest Mirai Mobile updates for both Apple and Android devices, now available! Explore the newest features and bug fixes awaiting you.

  • Ability to add daily tips to “My Toolbox”
  • New design for sorting “My Toolbox” content
  • Ability to change custom tree activity dates
  • Tree photo uploader reads metadata for when photos were taken
  • Ability to change photo capture date with no metadata
  • Increased tree limits for standard to 25 trees per person and 75 trees per person for pro tiers
  • More requested tree species have been added

To access these new updates, ensure your device is updated to iOS version and Android version


Thanks so much Mirai team!!!

Thanks for the great help!

I’m having the same issue but, apparently you get to see more than I do. I only see a number on the app icon, meaning that there are messages in the app, but when I open the app I see no messages anywhere. Where are these messages supposed to be found?