Mirai Mobile Podcast Episode: Direct Answers to Your App Questions!

Get direct answers to your Mirai Mobile app questions with Ryan and the team. Submit your inquiries, and we’ll feature them in an upcoming episode of Asymmetry, making every effort to cover as many questions as possible! If you have any app-related questions, please share them below. Your input is invaluable to us—submit your inquiries and join the conversation!


Firstly I want to say that the app is great and Leah has really been on top of the game so a big thank you to the whole team there at Mirai.

  1. What is the timeline for deciduous?

Let me also say amazing work with the app so far. Very solid framework for future content!

I’m going to piggyback off the previous question and ask whether you’re able to share some of the future content you have planned for the Academy tab. If possible, when giving examples please be clear about what is standard and what is pro. :slight_smile:




I have to say the app is great. I’m using it for all my bonsai related activities. I have noticed a few things that can be improved.

  • I want to add future personal activities at specific dates… This is not possible at the moment (I have reported this previously)
  • if I don’t add an activity the same day I’m doing it the date will be wrong. All activities are presumed to be the date I’m entering into the app.
  • images get timestamped with the date they are added. It would be great to have images showing the development of the tree in correct sequence. All images have capture date inside the image metadata. This should be able to accessed through a filter or by timestamp.
  • I mostly have decidious trees so would love to have that calendar. When is this calendar planned for?



Hi Ryan and team, congrats on releasing the app getting to that first release is a huge accomplish. Unless someone has done this before they really cant imagine the amount of work, once again hats off to your team for your accomplishment. The app is great, I think you delivered the baseline functionality that folks were looking for, other than new calendars and academy content I have not heard anyone say something significant is missing.

I’m wondering if your team will continue to send some details about the contents of future updates and feature releases. I find this type of information very useful for me to ensure I’m getting the most out of the app.

For feedback and enhancement requests, should we continue to use the forum?

I know you have big plans for continued enhancements and probably have a small development team but at some point do you envision the ability for users to see the upcoming work backlog and potentially take feedback on which enhancements bring the most value to the most users?

Thanks for fielding questions about the app!

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Is there a plan to have access to previous weeks’ tips of the day? Would also be nice to be able to save those like the academy section videos


With the beginning of pine repotting I got a taste of how to log my work.

Will standard members have access to more academy classes other than the seven that are currently offered?

I have three things saved in my toolbox. When I kick over to the toolbox I see these video lectures saved. When I click on them nothing happens. Is this a future development?


Love the app so far. I wanted to make one suggestion, if you could add a feature to the app to allow us to save the tip of the day into the toolbox, or at least look back to prior tips of the day that would be great! Thanks. -Mike


Hi Ryan and Mirai team, thanks so much for all the work to deliver this app and amazing support. Here below are a few questions:

1 - what is the timeline for deciduous and broadleaf deciduous (olive trees, etc) calendar?
2 - regarding pine repotting season, my calendar says that work can be done starting in week 5 (I am in zone 6) and I wonder if starting this work in the middle of winter implies sheltering the tree under greenhouse? We are experiencing freezing temperatures especially overnight.
3 - is there a plan to have an app version for IPad ?
4 - I am a new pro member and I find difficult to I find the place to submit Q&A questions. Should this capability developed in the app or an alert?
5- do you envision to enable content search of mirai live library directly from the app to facilitate research?

Thank you again


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Hi Ryan and team,
There is so much on this app…amazing! I want to add my trees, but cannot transfer pictures from my Android gallery. Wonder what I am doing wrong.
Also am finding it cumbersome to get to the murailive library. What are the direct steps?
The daily tips are like tidbits of flashpoints every day. Thanks, Carol

It would be cool if the App had a gallery for people to add inspirational trees in the wild for future styling ideas and concepts. Even better would be a gallery that is public and can be sourced and shared by all users of the App. That way the inspirational section could be populated by all users.
Also, would really like the ability to add more photos to the “My Trees” gallery. This is the easiest way for me to document my work and track the trees progression.
Just a couple thoughts. I’m becoming very familiar with the App and can’t wait to start using it for my trees development.