Welcome to Mirai Mobile

We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated release of the Mirai Mobile app! The app is now available for download and is included in your Mirai Live subscription at no additional cost. Make sure to log in using your existing Mirai Live credentials to gain access.

To get started with the Mirai Mobile app, please follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Download App: Click Here for iOS - Apple App Store

Click Here for Android - Google Play Store

Step 2: Set Your Location

Ensure that you have set your location in the app. This step is crucial for providing accurate and personalized information based on your geographical area. Refer to the attached screenshot for guidance on setting your location.

Step 3: Explore Mirai Academy

Once your location is set, head to Mirai Academy within the app. Start by watching the “Welcome to Mirai Academy” video, which will guide you through the app’s features and functionalities. We want to ensure that you make the most of your Mirai experience.

Within Mirai Academy, you’ll find a dedicated course on “How To Use Mirai Mobile.” This course will provide step-by-step guides on adding trees to your virtual collection, how to use the calendar function and exploring the new Mirai Academy.

The forum will likely be the most efficient place for obtaining answers to questions on anything related to Mirai Mobile. The Mirai team will prioritize reviewing unanswered questions on the forum and follow up with email submissions. While we have dedicated hours to testing the Mirai Mobile app with a diverse group of beta testers, it’s important to note that individual usage may vary like all software applications. We kindly request your patience as we navigate through the launch phase.

Thank you!

-The Mirai Team


I thought Ryan said the app would be available for both iOS and Android. I only see the iOS link and don’t see it in the android app store. When will it be available on Android?

We are waiting on final approval from the Google Play store and will send out the link for Android users to download as soon as it is ready!


Hi when I click that I don’t remember password it send me to subscription to newsletter

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Hi Gary, you will need to follow the “Forgot Password?” link below the sign in bar:

Hello, just wanted to make you guys aware the download worked fine and the app looks great. However, none of the audio from the videos on the app are coming through. Checked everything to make sure it wasn’t just my phone but might be something to look into if others have the same issue. Once again thanks for all your help and dedication Mirai team. Excited to start using the app to its’ full potential!


Audio not working for me either.

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App won’t let me log in with my Mirai Live login and password. Anyone experiencing this?


Same for me, can’t log in with my normal password.


I reset my password and was able to login fine

Able to login fine, but getting an error that I am unable to enroll in any of the courses in the academy.

I can’t log in. Tried to change password and that worked, but still can’t log in


Same for me. Using same credentials i used to get herre.

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Same as most, unable to sign in even with resetting password

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After changing my password I could get in but unable to add a tree - won’t accept any species…I also am unable to find the welcome video in the academy. I think I may put the app away for a week or two as there appears to be a number of kinks in the app that need to be worked out.

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It says I can’t login with my info. Reset password and same issue.

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Is your phone on silent? Try flicking the switch on the side if it’s iPhone 14 or less, or holding the small button on the upper left if it’s iPhone 15


Now I’m logged in but no sound and I can’t load trees yet. Also no American hornbeam species yet.

Audio wasn’t working for me then took my phone off silent for the first time in probably 10 years and now it works. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: