ETA For The Mirai App

Does anyone know a timeline or ETA on the app? Rayn keeps teasing about it in live streams. But it’s been a couple of years and I am wondering when it will actually be available. Just curious.


I think I heard him say 4-6 weeks in one of the recent forum Q&A’s. Getting close!

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Feels like he teases us every month…

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Look…! This way…! To the Great Egress!

I think they also mentioned some beta testing recently. Though that may have been on an apex post rather than a stream.

Ya, Ira said he put me on the list for a Beta peek…
Im not holding his beer again…¿

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Perhaps we should have put together a software engineering “App Development Vortex” lecture for Ryan. Release, feedback, idiotrate/fix, release update to version 1.0… from the way he has described it so far I’m thinking he is trying to get it into “refinement” before releasing it!

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If I had to bet, I’d bet another 3-4 years. And I think there is a very high probability that it will never come out.

Looking forward to the app!