Really Bonsai Empire! an App!?!


Seem suspect we all been waiting for the app to drop and bonsaiempire rolls out a new app!

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Just saw this too… but they can’t compete over Mirai Knowledge content. #miraiacademy


I checked out this app. I was not impressed. It was very high level (generally, genus level information) and the reminders were somewhat broad–repotting, pruning, wiring–and the times provided are generally all one day for each. If you added 20 deciduous trees, they’re going to tell you to repot all of them on the same day.

Additionally, there was a huge lack of “why” behind the dates. It didn’t say “repot at bud push, which is likely around this date”, which I think is hugely missing the point.


Welcome to the community Pandacular!


Mirai Mobile App is OUT!!! “Super pumped”

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But the cost is only 10% of mirai it is also easier to use

Look‘s good. Simple to use

Yes it is, and unlimited trees too. I have used it from the start, and only that one.