The Bonsai Below Me - (Member photo challenge)

Thank you. But it is actually only standard (like A36) steel. No need for the more expensive stuff in this application imo.

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intereteresting. Thanks. Do you mind if I copy them fr my garden… Robin

no, not at all. When you have them made you need to see if it is easier for the fabricator to have them bend, welded or a combination (the double bend might be an issue for some shop set ups). on mine there a small strips at the bottom to stabilise the rectangle

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@antelion und @Robin

Lets get back on track with the Bonsai Below Me Challenge:

As posted by Plum_Blossom the bonsai below me is a seqouia

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Does a pre-bonsai (a.k.a strongly in development) Coastal Redwood count?

The bonsai below me is an Olive.


Omg. That’s amazing! I’m in love!
I don’t have an olive so forwarding it:

The bonsai below me is an Olive.

This little dwarf olive in the beginnings of tertiary development. The bonsai below me is a nursery bought juniper cultivar.


This is a Parson’s Juniper that I brought to a class with Tyler Sherrod. Long way to go, but the lines are promising!

The picture below me is an American deciduous in refinement.


My Quercus Suber, 2 years in training…


@Frans_64 and the next one is…?

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Lets get the ball rolling again with this topic :smiley:

My tree

The bonsai below me is the owners most difficult project sofar


I don’t have many trees but this is a Italian stone pine I have been training for 3 years or so . I want it to look like the trees i saw wen we visited Rome

lets see a nice chines elm.


This tree belonged to Ira. Ive only had it a couple

Bonsai below me is a forest


To take part… little Trident maple shohin group. Pot: Koyo (Tokoname).

Next one is a spruce forest.


Great tree !!!

I love the development, fat trunk, nice root spread. So many posts are of just a plant not a bonsai.

Or any conifer forest… :grinning:

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Here’s a Juniper I dug out of the yard. It hardly had any branches on one side of the trunk so I laid it down and made a raft out of it!

Let’s see a Luma apiculata


I don’t have a Chilean Myrtle but I have a crepe Myrtle
Lagerstromia indica

This picture is from 1year ago after 1st repot. I can’t wait till next year when I can repot again to get the front right…

The bonsai below me is tree you planted from seed 10+ years ago

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