Gracie's Tree Showcase

Hi all :slight_smile:

I’ve been around for a little while now, so I thought I would create myself a thread to showcase my collection. I’ll post occasionally with new or updated trees.

As of this post, I’m in my first year of bonsai, and I’ve never had a workshop or class or anything - just YouTube and Mirai. Likewise, most of my trees are very modest and/or young. I’m a little bit embarrassed to share some of them knowing that I’ll be showing a lot of my mistakes, but I’m hoping that starting now will provide an interesting timeline as my skills and my trees improve.

I’m open to feedback and advice on any tree I share.

To start, I’ll share my most recent and sophisticated tree, a new Ponderosa that I got from Jon White. This might set some false expectations since none of my other trees are anywhere in this ballpark, haha.

I haven’t done any meaningful work with her yet. I kind of want to build up my skills some before doing the design work. I think the biggest challenge will be the asymmetrical root base, which occupies most of the training pot. I’m not sure I trust myself with the first major repot so I might bring her into Mirai for a professional repotting. I’ll probably ask about the roots in the next forum Q&A.

For now I’m just enjoying having a tree with so much natural character. She has a complex weave of live and deadwood. I still haven’t figured out exactly where the live wood edges are. Either way, I absolutely love it!


Nice piece of material. Do you plan to bring the top back in over the base a little - i.e. bending the trunk back a bit in view D?

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I haven’t settled on a plan, yet. I might take it back, and then up and out again. I’m also considering just pushing the apex out even further.

I want to be a little careful, because the tree has a neck that you can see in A and C. I’m not sure if that might be a point susceptible to snapping.

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