Advice on Ponderosa

I was lucky to be able to acquire this Ponderosa about 1 1/2 years ago. The trunk base is quite stout measuring about 8" in width. I left it alone and fertilized in order to promote back budding and expand its foliar mass. I don’t think that it was handled property by the previous owner as the needles are really long and it has definitely grown unchecked. Now it’s prime time to work on Ponderosas and the tree has a lot of new growth. It is shedding its third years needles. I was going to wire it but before I start doing anything I would love some feedback on the design. I think that the first photo was the chosen front but I actually think that the back is more interesting, it’s the third photo. I

can take and post more photos if needed. I would love the forum’s feedback on this.


What a great tree! I agree pic 3 seems to offer the most compelling front. Have fun.


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Nice Panderosa! :metal:t2:
Is it from John at Bonsai Northwest?
I almost bought a couple Pines he had just potted up from his field, but opted out because they were not established.

Oh I forgot, Pic #3 looks real good for a front :+1:t2::metal:t2:

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Thanks! Yes it is from John.
The tree was collected in the late 80’s by Jerry Meislik.

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I agree that picture 3 but maybe rotate it slightly more to the left to show off the movement in the upper trunk. Hard to say for sure just from pictures. It has a nice base and and looks like you can really push for a harmonious design to the right.

I think the base looks best in the first photo. The way it meets the ground looks better than the third photo.

That’s a killer tree! Pic 3 for certain, from that angle it has all the right moves.

Nice tree:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Wish there was something to show size of tree:face_with_raised_eyebrow:. This year did first work(major pruning)on 3 Ponderosas collected by Randy. It was not “TOO” hard once I could see inside all the structure of the tree. However since I can’t get an intimate look inside yours can’t really give good advice. One small idea though: If you pick a front that does not “bow” toward the viewer you can always train an apex or develop a new one in that direction to accommodate this. Well one more after another critical look. That hanging branch is a nice natural feature and it would be great if you could use at least a good part of it in your design.

@Andysea . Did you get this Ponderosa wired and styled?
Post a new photo!