Post your bonsai collection

Hi everyone. Just wanted to start a topic on posting your collection. You Don’t have to if you don’t feel comfortable, just be cool to see everyone collection or something you’re working on.
This is my collection.! At the moment I’m working on the one on the far left. Next Saturday I’ll be repotting most of them. This will be my first repotting.


In development


Wow that’s one amazing collection. Thanks for sharing. How long have you been working with bonsai trees?

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I’ve been at it about a year this spring… all but one are in the early stages of development.



That’s a nice collection you got their. Thanks for sharing. I’m planning on making benches for my bonsai. At the moment I just set them down on my lawn.


Finally did my first repotting.



Very nice indeed. Ive got a long way to go, but will post at the end of summer

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You guys have really some nice trees. Just wondering, do any of you have one you created from nursery stock that went especially well?


rob, just about every tree in my collection is nursery stock. i have 20-30 junipers created from nursery stock. its been the best way to up my horticultural knowledge/wiring ability/ design esthetic while experimenting with cheaper material. junipers/bougainvillea/ crape myrtles/ japanese maples/boxwoods/barberry/ cotoneaster all attainable from plant nurseries in Austin with the ability to develop into fine little trees.


That’s encouraging to know because I’ll be making my first attempt at creating a bonsai tree this spring and I’m interested in Japanese maples. Hope you don’t mind if I hit you up for tips when the time comes.


of course! one tip when selecting a maples from nursery stock at standard garden centers. watch out for poor graft unions, many are grafted onto stronger maple stock of a different variety. unless it was grown from seed which is rare from what I’ve seen. you will need to air layer above the graft union to reestablish scarless clean flowing nebari.


Wow my trees look so different now.

I got a another table from a neighbor that didn’t need one so i took it to expand my collection


Feeling almost a bit mediocre to share my collection here… :blush: I started bonsai with zero knowledge about a year ago and constantly trying to improve since then. About half my trees are from nursery stock.


Love the brontosaurus!!! :grin:


Thanks for sharing. You have a great collection.Keep posting your collection then check a year later and youll be surprised how much you And your trees have evolved.

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Thanks. Its actully my niece. Shes about to be 5 year a week from today. She help me out a lot on my trees…I get her to water and trim and She loves it. She decided to buy the dinosaur as her pots for her plants because she wanted her own bonsai plants. I feel like she going to be into this hobby and im glad shes into it at such a young age.

Love the collection. I have to ask is that bigger one growing upside down? It looks amazing.

Holy moly @Dobber what a collection.

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Yea it was like that when i found it at the house of bonsai nursery. It was over grown and all the dead bark was still on it. The owner vicky told me many people would look at it but never decided to buy it. I think it was growing on someone property they dug it out and keep it till i came along lol.