Pic of my "bon-yard"

Pronounced “bone-yard”. What you can’t see is a tiny red maple sapling on the corner. This was my wife’s idea and she told me that I should keep adding to it. She’s a wonderful woman. :heart_eyes:


Just wait and see what she says when you try and dig them up!

Clearly they’ll be replaced with other field stock :laughing: She actually wants me to line the entire fence with flowerbed and build stands for bonsai as they’re ready for display.

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Is there some kind of fabric under the mulch to prevent the roots from escaping down in the ground? Or what is the black thing peaking out underneath the mulch?

My wife was the one who got me into bonsai, I think she’s starting to regret it now. Our opinions on how many trees are enough and can fit in the backyard (and inside the house) vary quite a bit :joy:. I’m trying to convince her that once all the yamadori trees get planted in smaller pots and shaped the yard will look really nice. I wonder when she’ll notice that every time some yamadori are potted up new ones appear :flushed:


Haha, she fully expects that new things will appear. :laughing: She’s using it to her advantage though. I told her that I’m going to need something to put the trees that need to come inside on during the winter. She “volunteered” a piece of furniture we’re using as a sofa table so she can replace it with an actual sofa table lol.

The black fabric is just landscape fabric. My yard is pretty low lying, so I can’t remove grass when I make a new flowerbed otherwise I end up with a mini pond…don’t ask me how I know. :weary: The fabric is meant to keep the grass from growing through the mulch. She just got a bit happy with the leaf blower when she cleaned up the edges of our flowerbeds.

The Carolina Sapphire on the left is in a grow bag. I plan on layering off a bunch of it next year and then pot it in 2021. The chaste tree in the middle is just planted in the ground and will likely just stay there. I’m not really into that one…but we’ll see. The star magnolia is actually still in the nursery pot and only half planted into the ground for winter protection. I plan on pulling that up in the spring, chop and pot it. Although I may put it into a grow bag and chop it then let it recover in the ground. Then maybe pot it in the fall 2020 or spring 2021.

We’re headed to another gem of a dilapidated nursery this weekend, so the bone yard is likely to expand. :smile:

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