A little Yamadori story

Found a nicely contorted sweetgum tree along a tree line in my neighborhood. Got some 2x6’s, 1/4" hardware cloth and made a grow box. I criss-crossed two sheets of cloth to try to make it as close to 1/8" as possible.

I took my wife by the tree to ask her what she thought. “I think you’re sick and need help” she said. :rofl:

Got up this morning at sunrise to go collect it. Lol, nope. What was a 3" base at the ground turned into a 7" trunk that took a sharp turn and kept on going. :weary::man_facepalming:t5::sob:

Not to end up empty handed I collected a Carolina Willow that I had been eyeing. Here it is. As usual, pictures don’t do it justice.

Winter here is pretty mild and these grow like weeds. I’m optimistic. :slight_smile:


“I think you’re sick and need help” :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Generally I find it’s best to say nothing to my other half and slowing adding 1 or 2 trees at a time and she never notices!

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I think they do. My wife notices, waits till spring and asks, “is that tree you bought last [month] going to the ground or in a pot?”
Or “the store has double points or has a coupon for garden supplies… now’s your time to get pumice and dirt for the trees you got.”

Haha, nah, I wouldn’t do that. I do have some trees that are “for her” though. :rofl::rofl:

Yep! She looks forward to valentine’s day and mother’s day. My son and I make kusamono or kokedama for her. :smile:
That one she keeps quiet abt the plants we got. She knows which one’s for her too…
I guess she sory of watches/listens when I watch on Mirai Live. :grin:

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New leaf has sprouted :grin: