My new curbadori. Super stoked about this one

Appears to be some kind of holly.


Curbadori??! As in you found it at a curb :joy::wink:

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This seems familiar… where have I seen it… aaaah, Reddit! It’s always fun to recognise someone from another forum.

Now the question is, can you identify me on reddit? :wink:

Haha, yup. I usually only post something on one or the other so it doesn’t feel like double posting. I like this one a lot though. :smiley: Felt like sharing in both places. It’s super easy to spot me on Bonsai Nut since I have the same username there lol.

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Yup, a literal curb. I cruise around my neighborhood the evening before or morning of trash day. :laughing: This was one of four that were left on the street. Two had thick trunks that were very straight and uninteresting. A smaller one had more movement, but the trunk was small and lacked taper. Often times there’s more than one for me to choose from. :smiley: Summer dormancy is about to hit, so idk if I’ll be cruising much until the fall.

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Looks more likke a rhododendron :+1:t2:

What kind of dark wood did you use for the pot? It’s looks amazing!!

Just plain old pine lumber, but I torch it with hot fire. :fire: Here’s a video. It probably added close to an hour to the overall process, but it’s worth it. I haven’t applied a finish yet. I may try olive oil since it’s for a plant. I use a cheapo torch setup from Lowe’s. A $3 propane tank with like a $15 nozzle attached to it.

On this stand I used polyurethane because it’s just the stand.

These are for my nandina forest box. My kiddos did the torching. Piece on the far right is before taking a brush to it.

I use these brushes in my drill because doing it by hand with a steel brush was horrible lol. Just be sure to wet the wood first or you’ll end up with fine charcoal dust EVERYWHERE. I swear that I’m still coughing it up. :weary: