First official mirai style repot

Really excited for this season, I’ve been watching some streams from pot set up, to chop sticking, to nursery stock repot, image image image image image all the way to top dressing. I still need to dye the dry sphagnum, but I did add some sifted green moss for now. I’m really excited on how well it went. I just kept replaying the videos in my head. I can attest that Mirai is a great learning tool. Made my experience much more pleasurable rather then nerve racking not knowing if what I was doing was right. I knew everything was right and exactly what I should have been doing. I can’t wait to repot some more. Bonsai on my friends. Cheers from Utah.


Juniper chinensis. From Home Depot for 9 bucks. I have a hinoki I’m really excited for and a black hills spruce I’m reporting this weekend.


Looks like you hit the timing for the new growth!