Greetings from Ireland

This is my first post here. Just a quick one. I would like to say hi to all members of the Mirai community, and share positive and enthusiastic feelings I have been experiencing since joining this platform. (just few days ago)
I am totally inexperienced regarding bonsai cultivation. Just been doing tons of reading and watching everything bonsai related. Don’t even have a single tree yet. Few species’ seeds in the fridge and a plan to start yamadori hunting this spring. That’s all I have got.
But finding and joining Mirai Live was the best decision for a long time and I am convinced that I will grow some good bonsai for my retirement. Will have tons of time to take good care of them. ( i’m in my forties now by the way)
So. Hello everybody. :grinning:


Welcome to the group. I would mix in some nursery stock with the seeds and yamadori since it can be worked on sooner than the others.


Welcome!!! :wave:t3:

It’s a truly wonderful and immensely knowledgeable community.

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Look around your yard or neighborhood and see if there are landscape plants that have outgrown or are positioned in the wrong place. Digging up junipers and burning bushes and honeysuckle have given me some hands on experience and specimens that are acclimated to my zone. Get some well made tools and find an area for a workshop either inside or outside if weather permits. Plan for aftercare once you stress the plants to allow them to recuperate. HAVE FUN!! Share photos when you can. Steal ideas from skilled artisans and from nature. I use old trees I find in cemeteries as a model to make trees that have asymmetry and age. Thousands of photos of ancient trees are available.
Bonsai on!


Good idea on using cemetery trees.