Planning ahead for autumn/winter and the upcoming years

Firstly I want to say hi to everyone. Just joined the Mirai world. I’m originally from South Africa now in Israel so Mediterranean climate for the tree’s. I’ve had years of wanting to learn the craft of bonsai and decided I wanted to take things seriously and learn.
So my question is what would be the best things to read up about at this stage of the year and also to start investing in future things I could be doing now and it will be ready by the time I have a better grasp. I have put some tree’s in the ground, so it is things like that which I would like to get some feedback on



The best advice I ever got or can give is “Find a local club, and join it.” Don’t get me wrong, the MIRAI community is amazing . This is THE CLUB of the collective bonsai community worldwide. A local club can offer you something this club cannot though. Hands on help. Local knowledge and the collective wisdom of it’s members as to what local climate, species, timing and type of work. They will aid in your successful journey. Often they will have tools, trees, workshops and advice by phone or in the garden. I would start there.
Also the MIRAI asymmetry podcast. The Offer Grunwald episode is a must listen if you are in Israel. He is the curator of the bonsai collection housed at the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens. It is a great episode, he is very active in the bonsai scene there.
Bonsai On!!


Hi Moon,
Thanks for the head’s up. I actually have been in touch with him and actually will start learning with him in November and another student of his who is now teaching. And there is also a nice Facebook group that I am picking up tidbits from. I’m still very green so that is the main reason I am reaching out to see what others might be doing at the same stage.
Unfortunately the club scene is not big here in Israel. It is one of the things I noticed off the bat and might as I get into it a bit more try and encourage and even create something so that maybe others will be able to have that.


Hi there & welcome to Mirai,

I absolutely agree with moon…
And based on my personal experience, I would strongly recommend to get a couple of cheap trees for practice that won’t hurt if something goes wrong. My first attempts at wiring and repotting were quite poor and destructive. I am therefore glad that I mostly practiced on very cheap and accessible nursery stock material and I’m still sad about a beautiful and quite expensive nursery stock hinoki cypress which I had killed with excessive pruning and unskilled wiring.
I made my first attempts at bonsai before joining Mirai or our local club. With hindsight, that was a mistake, and I think it is a wise move on your part that you keep your trees in the ground and started educating yourself before you start working on the trees.
Good luck & bonsai hard ! :blush: