Feedback on repot

So I did my first repot of the season today. Wanted some feedback from the community. I realized about halfway through root reduction that my pots were all a bit to small. I also found a large knot of roots that was over 1/2" thick directly under the trunk which I had to cut out to get into any pot. Also wasn’t able to set the angle I was looking for due to the knot but I think it turned out okay. Any feedback?
Before and after

Planning to greenhouse it for a few weeks and cross my fingers!


Angle is goodz even though you didn’t get to the ideal point. Nice job breaking the lateral boundary of the round pot! Solid nebari, looks like you did great. Strong work!

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Nice! Love the 3 dimensional nebari, the structure of the tree seems to be reaching out toward the viewer, like the location of the trunk in the pot. Even though the trunk is fairly straight I think you found a good front that creates a bit of movement. Cant see the other sides so comparison of other potential isnt possible. I agree with you that the pot seems small, looks like a significant root reduction. Hope it works out.

it may take some more re potting it to get perfect roots. The top part above ground is not easy, just thick lower and thinner upper side branching.