First Juniper WIP

Hello everyone, I picked up this little bush at a nursery and gradually started to examine it and repot it.
As you can see, I stopped making cuts because I am undecided about which side to keep and which to let “cascade.” As soon as I opened it, it pretty much asked me to be styled this way.
Any advice on how to proceed before I mess things up, or fix them if I already have?
Photos before and after (two sides).

Looks like you could take it either way but have to pick one. Here’s an angle and line I would be interested in pursuing if it were mine. Almost 45° potting angle change

Couple questions to ask yourself.
Are you happy with the thickness of the trunk?
If yes to the above do you have a bonsai pot for it to repot. Even if you have to wait until next repotting season leave the foliage to have it strong and recover from the root work.

Thanks for helping.
I’d like to have it thicker actually, that’s why I avoided a bonsai pot (maybe wrong of course).
Is the angle something that need to be done now, or can I wait next year as you mentioned?
This is where I end up for now, leaving some extra foliage on it

You can wait to change the angle until you are happier with the trunk thickness and go to repot it.

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Is the liquid mandatory for jin?

Not sure I understand the question? What I think you are asking; “If you tun something into a jin do you have to put lime sulphur on it”?

Yep that’s it, sorry for the confusion

No worries, my understanding is you dont “have” to do it.