Show me your best 'feminine' trees

Good morning!

As I learn more about bonsai design, I’m curious about your best-looking ‘feminine’ trees.

(My trees aren’t far enough along to have anything of my own to share; apologies!)



Love it! I’m working on a wisteria literati too. :slight_smile:

I’m looking at another one, black dragon. Darker purple flowers.

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I’d love to see it if you put it together!

I’ve been daydreaming all week about an unorthodox bonsai composition: an American wisteria wrapped around a long needle pine or bald cypress; the wisteria slim with significant curves and sudden angle changes, the pine/cypress thick, formal upright.

It might work better with a deciduous tree. A flowering dogwood or cherry?

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An interesting idea for sure. matching water needs will be the tricky part I think. Dogwood/Wisteria…hmmmmm…both early bloomers in the spring here in TX…

Man, I would love to try it with a cherry blossom. Dogwood’s a great idea too! Thank you!

This Korean Hornbeam has a little dancer in it. 33152744_10216399146672237_2058795077303533568_n


9 years from a pencil like material and a lot of bad decisions kkkkk


Here’s my leggy potentilla after wiring. Will chose a good pot for it in spring.

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A nursery stock Sabina juniper i just worked into its 2nd phase


Howdy, i thought itd be cool to revive this thread. This is a beech trio, nursery stock, potted up in the spring. Haven’t taken a current photo yet.


Scots pine. Looking at the picture made me go out and adjust the two branches at about 1/2 height on the left and front. The front branch will have to be reduced over time as it buds back, but I feel I need it to break up the trunk line a little. Please ignore the very straight second trunk in the back :smile:.


Normally I’m worried about keeping the first portion of the trunk too straight, but this is quite elegant and natural. Minimal but complete. I dig it!

I just finished the initial styling of my hinoki cypress. I tried to follow Ryan’s design suggestions from Forum Q&A 43 and I’m fairly happy with the result.

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Thanks for the feedback on the trunk shape. The steel rod is to keep it from falling forward too much. Eventually the trunk will stiffen and I won’t need it.

Looks good, nice wiring job too!

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I didnt even notice the rebar until you mentioned it :slight_smile:
Looks good and im sure itll change entirely once you get those backbuds

Experimenting with European Ash, I re-potted it into this tiny container this year so i dont think the partial defoluation really worked. This is spring, as it started to open

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