Feminine yew. Your thoughts


I have learnt so much from your live streams. Thank you for sharing so much.

You mentioned in your Stream “late Autumnal pruning” of yews, that you had not seen a yew that was feminine.

I have always seen my yew as a feminine tree.

Am I fooling myself?

Jeremy Wheeler



Check out the Feminine / Masculine Bonsai Mirai discussion on the education page.

At the opposite side of the spectrum are the feminine trees, with a thinner trunks and soft, curvaceous movement. For a tree with feminine characteristics, the overall plan for the design should be elongation. This means creating a narrower structural silhouette, laying thinner pads that are more divided across branching, and leaving sparser foliage to emphasize the overall lightness of the tree. So my impression is that it has character of feminine. The pads may be a little too full, but looks really healthy. Elongate… elongate… elongate. Beautiful tree!

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FWIW… It looks feminine to me. The pot seems a little too deep for it, but definitely feminine.