Picea Mariana yamadori. My first attempt at styling a bonsai. Thoughts welcome!

Here is my first attempt at actualizing a bonsai design. I wanted to convey the feeling of spruces up here in the taiga. Was I successful?

I didn’t plan very much in advance, just a general feeling of what wanted. Working up from the bottom, I cleaned out most weak/dead growth and made decisions as I went.

I’m open to critique and thoughts.


Looks good and I think you captured the image. My only critique is that lower branches on the left tree are a bit long and moving in the opposite direction of the main movement of the pair to the right. I would leave them for now, so the trees gain strength, but perhaps shorten in the future as you spend time with the tree.

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Thanks I’ll keep that in mind! I think I see what you mean.

Solid work. Similar to the previous statement the lower left is holding my eye. Not sure if it is because it is picture or not but I might move one of the lower left (long branches around back as a depth branch and reduce the length…but this might be more of the optical distortion from the lens

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I appreciate the advice and kind words! It means a lot.

I’ll post some other pictures of it later today from other angles and we can check it out in more detail. It might help with some critique/suggestions.

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Here are some new photos from today. I think they’re a little better but I’m no photographer.

Let me know what you think. I’m playing with the idea of switching the front and back. If I lean it towards me you can see more of the roots.