2020 Coronadori

Hello all,

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Here’s a mountain spruce that I collected during the first lock-down last year (hence Coronadori :mask: :wink:). This is actually my first “proper” yamadori, if you don’t count a few seedlings that I had dug up before. The tree caught my attention, because it has some nice natural deadwood at the base and the bark looks quite aged.
Yesterday, I gave the tree its first styling. I had some help from the local bonsai club for the trunk bend, because I was afraid of doing this myself. (Which actually wasn’t easy, because I kept thinking “But that’s not how Ryan would do it”, while as newbie in the club, I did not dare to tell people with 40+ years experience with bonsai that they are doing it wrong. :zipper_mouth_face:)

Please share your thoughts on the design or share your lock-down projects.

Collection of the tee was super easy. It was growing sideways out of a rotting tree stump and I could get the root ball out with just a knife and my bare hands.

Initially, there was a a second much younger tree growing right on top of the main tree. I was considering to keep both, but I decided to cut the younger tree off, because I was worried that it would out-grow and eventually squash the older tree.

With the younger tree removed, I potted it and tried to keep it at the same angle it was growing originally, using a highly professional construction. :wink:

Which brings us to the present and the new design.


Wow that’s an amazing find for your first Yamadori and a great design. Love that nebari and the movement in the trunk!


Nice tree - and good documentation!

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