Ponderosa Pine initial styling

Hi Everyone, while Ive done a lot of reading and research, in practice im very new. I was wondering if I could get some suggestions on styling or first steps from taking this yamadori to a bonsai.


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Welcome to the community!! Great tree!

Couple of questions…

  1. You said Yamadori…How long since it was collected?
  2. How long has it been in the current pot?


Collected and potted last spring so its pretty fresh. Im thinking main guidance is to just let it wild out in current state, but I noticed some branches are thicker to where its reverse tapering so wasn’t sure if when season right if I should handle things like that?

If it were my tree I would do exactly that. I let them grow wild for 1-2 years after collection to reestablish roots and strength. Then I try and make it part of a BYOT workshop with my club for additional help, and eyes or submit to the forum Q&A for advice.

If I were to do anything now I might wire out the secondary trunk while it is so bendable to create movement similar to the larger one with the idea to change the planting angle in the future and end up with a nice twin trunk Pondo. I would only do this if I felt like the trees were really stable in the container tho. Kinda like this.

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Nice! That’s what I was thinking. Should I wait till fall to bend this branch down or is now fine? And when you say repot at a different angle are you thinking it will be more aesthetically pleasing as a more upright as opposed to to the side?

Generally speaking a collected tree like yours should be let grow untouched for at least two years. So if you collected it in the spring of 2020 I would wait until the fall of 2022 to consider doing any wiring and initial styling. That’s assuming that it put out strong growth in 2022. If it looks weak at all in 2022, give it another year. In the meantime you should be fertilizing heavily to build up strength in the tree. Don’t worry about needle length at this time.

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