Japanese Wisteria Design

Here’s some pictures of my Japanese wisteria. I would like to integrate both branches into the final design.

There is some light rot at the base, which I’ll be removing this weekend. Doing so would make the base slightly smaller.

Not much info out there for designing a Wisteria, especially (I think) because they are vines and not styled traditionally like most bonsai trees.

Any suggestions on how I can improve the current design? I’m thinking about cutting the apex (shown in red). The blue is what i’m thinking I should do to develop and to fill the empty spaces

Thanks in advance!

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Wisteria are normally styled to show off the flowers and I think you are on the right track. Can you pull the lower left trunk up and then give it some curve to the left to go with the other trunk and branch? As it grows that will encourage the base to stay wide and give another tier for flower display. With strong fertilization and lots of water, it may even bud back - it looks like there is an incipient bud along it.

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A remarkable base!
Do you know the length of the flower clusters?
As @MartyWeiser has indicated - showing off flowers is the ultimate goal. You want to develop tiers of horizontal branches spaced more or less according to the length of the flowers so that there is not a lot of overlap. The winter profile will also be an important feature but you can probably work towards something more sinuous and less tree-like.