Spreading Yew Bonsai - first styling

I picked this yew up post holidays for 75% off (paid $8) at an orange box store. Wanted to see what I could do with it. There is a nasty triple trunk which I plan to refine and eventually remove but for now I’ve taken some steps to initially shape the structure. Any advice for yew in summer?

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Thanks for sharing - these bargain finds are always fun to watch develop.
I think you did a great job setting the initial structure. You likely have kept more than you’ll want in the long run but it’s looks damn good.

One thing I noticed that can be tackled now…
I drew lines to show where each theoretical pad will develop - notice how the 3 middle lines connect from the left to the right pads?

I would start to adjust those 3 sets of branches to more clearly separate them. You’ve got great reference points (as noted) on the apex and the two lowest branches. I should have prefaced this with: it’s all a matter of opinion, but from a design standpoint, adding more intention to the placement will lead to a better design in the future.

This is awesome!

Here’s a suggestion. Cut the orange, develop blue (as rough guidelines) – red shows you what I’m trying to achieve.