The Bonsai Below Me - (Member photo challenge)

The challenge is simple:
Read the last challenge in the thread
Post a photo of your bonsai that fits the description given in that last challenge
(with a brief breakdown, if you like)
Below your photo, continue the challenge for the next post with the text:
“The bonsai below me…”
and give a simple description of what you’d like to see

The tree must be yours
This is not a chat thread
You can briefly comment on the tree above you before continuing the challenge
For longer comments and discussions, PM the poster and encourage them to open a discussion thread

Let’s begin:
The bonsai below me is in a blue pot.


Quince in blue pot, just waking up and starting to flower.
The tree below me is also a flowering tree


School house bonsai. A glaring Larix larcina below me in a Lenz pot. How about a lodgepole next.


The bonsai below me is my first start at a bonsai from digging it, planting and wiring. Can’t wait to see how it will turn out.

Lol, cool trees guys. But I think the rules of the game got lost somehwere after the second post. A flowering tree was suggested and we got a larch, then a lodge pole was suggested and we got an Ilex I think. @a1WildWest you were supposed to post a lodge pole, and then when you say “the tree below me…” you’re to describe what the next poster should post, like ‘conifer’ ‘deciduous’ ‘in a yellow pot’ etc. Sorry I just felt the need to step in and referre :joy::joy::joy:.


I followed up wrong. I guess I was not paying attention. Call me or bonzo dork.

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i don’t have a flowering or a lodgepole. go fish.

i like this game tho.

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“Challenge” This is no game. :wink:

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Let’s get this back on track…
Here’s my Prunus incisa ‘Kojo-no-mai’ pre-bonsai.

The tree below me has a great bark.


Here’s the great Barq’s root beer :rofl: with a twisted sinuous bald cypress I dug two years ago. Photo was taken in 2016. It’s currently still drowning in my yard. Roots at the base are starting to swell.
(sorry for the interruption, I couldn’t resist :crazy_face: I now return you back to @PumpkinBecki )
The bonsai below me has great bark


This is my corkbark Oak in re-hab
The tree below me is a Juniper


This my Juniperus chinensis, originally styled with Takeo Kawabe in Switzerland, in 2013. The tree below me is a deciduous forrest



My eponymous slab “Bill’s Bayou”. 23 bald cypress. I carved the slab from a piece of Pennsylvania Bluestone using a pneumatic chisel. Then I used a acetylene torch to spall the uppermost layers of the stone. Finally, I buffed the slab using an angle grinder with a wire brush attachment. I use numerous protections for myself and my surroundings.

Sadly, a sprinkler failed while I was on vacation and more than half the trees died. Good news is I have plenty of trees to rebuild this.

The bonsai below me looks great, but sadly, is now gone.


Well a picture of a lodgepole pine!..
It is not the best pic, as it is an amazing tree. I took the pic after I rewired it.20180320_211504|690x408
Yamadori dug by John Turner, many years ago
Would like to see a good blackthorn in flower.


You’re supposed to reply to the last post in the thread and end your own post with “The bonsai below me…” and that’s where you describe the next bonsai in the thread.


Well i lost the picture when i posted the message… and the bonsai looks great… and brings the link back to where it actually got broken…

The bonsai below me is a blackthorne or prunus spinosa (if you prefer the latin)

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I’m sorry Robin, but you are now required to put your lovely lodgepole on the burnpile to be in accordance with this thread! :joy: lol.

In an attempt to maintain order on this thread and following Bill’s lead I’m posting one of the most interesting hawthorns I’ve collected, it had basically snapped in half and fallen over onto the ground at some point during it’s life but had not completely broke, and a new leader took over. Unfortunately it passed away the winter following collection. I was only in my second season with bonsai and I wish i had waited til I was a bit more practiced to collect this guy. Ah, the one that got away!

@Robin It’s also family rosaceae, best i could do! :rofl: Let’s all do our best to respect the threads on this forum and to respect other users. It’s all about communication!

The tree below me is a Conifer Literati!


My lodgepole went on the burnpile. But Barry Warren pulled it off a couple of months later(many years ago). Sadly Barry passed away last year and that is why I now have this tree in my custodial care now. … this was also lost with the pic when i first put up the post… sorry for adding chat BillsBayou.:wink:


I like this challenge!

Here is my literati pinus sylvestris.
The story of this tree can be red in my blog:

The tree below me is an Olive!