Meet up at the Trophy

So, after some talk with @Sam it seems that there is the option of having an evening Mirai meet up after the Trophy and Ryan and the Team dropping in if time permits. In order to facilitate planning my idea is to poll interested Mirai members and take the planning for the get together from there.
So please indicate if you would be interested at all and if so what kind of get together you would favour. Saturday also has the official dinner, so lets see if people prefer going there and meeting afterwards (and also not sure if we can get a restaurant with enough space reserved if that would be the preferred option)

  • Yes, let’s have a Mirai get together Saturday after the Trophy
  • Let’s do informal by announcing the location and people just show up (or not)
  • Let’s do more formal with dinner

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Thanks @antelion for doing this!

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New to the thread and will be attending the Trophy for the first time. Was a decision made about the meet up?

I’m wondering this as well! @antelion just let me know what you decide and i’m happy to help facilitate from online :slight_smile:

The Germans have a thing on Saturday at 2pm. It’s a group photo so shouldn’t take too long. Just so you know :point_right:t3:

Thanks everybody for the participation. So an informal get together it is going to be.
I will look for a suitable spot over the weekend and post the venue here then.
If anyone has suggestion from prior years, please do not hesitate to share.

@Sam you require any additional information for planning / organisatiom from your side?

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wo findet das “German thing” statt?

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@Balatus am Samstag um 14Uhr vor dem Haupteingang. Dort treffen sich traditionell die BFF Leute. Ich gehe einfach mal davon aus, dass jeder deutschsprachige Bonsaifreak das BFF zumindest kennt…

Saturday at 2pm in front of the main entrance. That’s where members of the largest German bonsai forum BFF meet for a group photo.

Nope, please just let me know where the venue and time is so that I can let Ryan know! It would be easiest if you could email that info to me when you have it - I think you have my email but if not just please send to Thanks so much for organizing!!

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Man, it seems I won’t be able to get to the Trophy again this year because I have no ride. I am on a waiting list of a big group of people going from Czech but all of their cars are full so it’s not looking good :confused:

Have fun and hopefully I’ll get to join a Mirai meeting in the future some time.

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Thomas, that’s a bit of a detour otherwise I’d have offered a ride.

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Thanks! I appreciate it. : ) Where are you leaving from?

Everyone bear with me. I guess by tomorrow I have sorted who wants us.

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So I got some awesome news! A person decided to back out of a large group trip from CZ today and I will be going after all! I hope to see you all there.

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SO, we have a reservation.

Saturday 21:00 / 9.00pm
“Bonsai Mirai”

Winterslagstraat 41 | Bus 1, Genk 3600, Belgium

(This is not too far from the venue location)

See you all there

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Awesome! Thanks for the effort @antelion. I’ll be there!

Damn, I’ll already be on the way back home… hopefully I’ll meet some of you guys during the day! I should be easy to spot: chubby, frameless blue oakley glasses, unshaved, probably sporting eBay or StubHub gear.

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@antelion thanks so much for your efforts to arrange the meeting Sat evening. It is not easy to round up everyone
Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it. Having caught a ride wth others has me in Hasselt Sat evening.
I would appreciate a meet and greet with Ryan, Troy, Todd and all of the Mirai subscribers after Ryan’s demonstration on Sat., if possible. That was really great last year.
best Regards,

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ahh bummer, i have to go with my car group back to the hotel afterwards so i would also prefer a greet here at the trophy. Would this be possible?

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Well, I’m here. Just tell me when and where.