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I was thinking it would be nice to have a calendar category where people could post events in their area that others might not know about. Like an expo, show, workshop or a sale. Unfortunately I don’t have anything to post at this time, but I often have FOMO, and sometimes find out about things after the fact.


Winter Bonsai Show 2019 Dec 7 & 8 north Carolina

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I know it’s a long shot but… the 2020 French national exhibition will be hosted by my club. The dates are May 23-24, the place is between Sedan and Charleville-Mézières. Don’t hesitate to ping me for more details.

There are many things to do around the area as well, as it’s roughly 1h away from the Champagne wineries, 45 minutes away from the Orval abbey (and beer), 45 minutes away from the European Beer Museum, and there are more castles to visit within a 1 hour drive than you can shake a stick at.

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We will be there… we came to the sale-garage a couple of months ago … not sure if we met @Michael_P but my husband and I bought some trees and ceramics. Looking forward to it!

For people willing to travel in Europe, plan your travel to be able to visit The Trophy in late Feb 2020 here.

For the ones who are interested: the winning trees of The Trophy 2019 (aka former Noelanders Trophy) here.

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Thank you! I have never been. How does this show compare to others in the U.S./Japan?



hi @gmishuris, I can’t compare however The Trophy is recognized as one if not the best bonsai show in Europe. Now compared to kokufu … I think that there is also a question of “style” … if other members have thoughts to share in term of comparison, do not hesitate to reply to this post

We didn’t meet, I only found out about the club after the event… we’ll definitely meet this time around :slight_smile:

This weekend in Diepenbeek, just outside Genk, there’s the Bonsai Ten 2019 from Eda Uchi Kai

A friend of mine has 7 trees in the exhibition, I’ll probably be there tomorrow from the opening time.


mmh, not sure to manage it this WE but noted down for next year! Thanks for sharing!

So I’m just back from Diepenbeek. I’m waiting for my friend to upload the pictures… it was a very good exhibition. The quality standard was quite high, with 7 tokonoma in the main exhibition and a separate exhibition for JP Polmans’ trees. I recognized a few trees I admired in his garden the last time I visited (pre-2011 I believe).

@Diabolo The exhibition happens every 3 years, so the next one would be 2022.

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Heathcote Botanical Gardens Bonsai Bash - Feb 29, 2020

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San Antonio Bonsai Society Vision 2020 convention May 14-17 2020

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Brussels Bonsai Rendezvous 2020 May 22-24

California Shohin Seminar Jan 31-Feb 2 2020

UBE, Madrid, Spain - 24th to 26th January 2020

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Two dates for your diary.
29th March, Bonsai Boot Sale and Bonsai Exhibition. .

27th September Autumn Bonsai Boot Sale and UK Shohin Exhibition.

Both are fantastic for buying trees, pots and all manner of Bonsai supplies really cheaply. Whilst many are bonsai traders a lot of stall are taken by ordinary bonsai enthusiasts who sell surplus trees and pots quite cheaply.
There is a café on site and they also do a ‘bacon butty and coffee’ stand at the entrance to the sale.

I suggest if you are going, then arrive early as it is normally a free for all once the doors open.

Doors open at 9am to 3.30pm

Held at Markham Grange Nursery in south Yorkshire (Near Doncaster).
Anybody wishing to have a stall them message me for the details…

I also forgot to mention that anybody wishing to exhibit a tree at the Shohin exhibition then message me for the details…

Another long shot :slight_smile:

Every year there is a “three nations” bonsai exhibition between France, Luxembourg and Germany. This year, my previous club (Luxembourg) is organizing.

It’s happening on the weekend of the 26th of September 2020 in Differdange, Luxembourg. It will probably be held at the Halle de la Chiers, I’ll update when there’s more details.

Mother’s Day Bonsai Show Minnesota 2020