Meet with Ryan and Mirai Members in Belgium 8-10 Feb

Hello to all that will be able to make it to the Trophy XXX in Belgium 8-10 Feb.!

My suggestion to meet on Saturday at the Trophy in Genk ( pls see Toolbox thread “Noalanders Trophy XX 20219”) hasn’t generated much reaction, so I thought I would start a new thread/topic to ensure no one misses out on the chance to meet each other and to let you know:

A Meeting with Ryan is scheduled for 5 PM on Saturday after the Demonstration.

In response to an email, Ryan said that he would love to meet with us - “the Mirai Community” (yes, that’s us) and that it would be great to schedule a meet and greet with him AFTER his demonstration on Saturday. The demonstration is scheduled for 1-5 PM. There should be room in the seating part of the demonstration area. If not, we can decide ad hoc where to go. So, put a reminder in your calenders.

My Question now is, should we still meet at 11 AM in the main entrance area in front of the entrance to the Bonsai Exhibition Hall to make first acquainances with each other before we meet with
Ryan later on at 5 PM?

Let me know what you think. Your feedback is appreciated… This is all so exciting. :smiley:



Hello everybody and especially Karin.

I am in Belgium all 3 days, so the time and day does not matter for me (us, because my son in law also wants to enjoy 3 days bonsai masterclass). I am on the entrance to the Bonsai Exhibition Hall at 11.00 AM and after Ryans demonstration at 5 PM in the seating part of the demonstration area.
See you all in Belgium
Mark (the old gray haired man with the red glasses)

Good idea. I will try to be there too !

Tom form Belgium

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Hi everyone,
that is great news, Karin! I am looking forward to seeing you and Ryan on Saturday at 5 pm.
I am not shure if I will make it to the 11 am meeting with you as there is too much to see at the Trophy :sweat_smile:

Really, this is all so exciting!

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This is great. I will be there at 5 pm definitely. Thanks @Karin for the organisation.
Does anybody know if it is possible to get Mirai merchandise like Shirts at the Noelander XXX?


Hi all, I might see if i can get a flight from the UK. where is the event and do you need to purchase tickets before hand or on the door?

thank you

Thanks @Karin for picking this up!

We’re abunch of Swedish Mirai members here on site.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.
@11AM at the entrance
@ 5PM after the Saturday demo


Hi Hakan,

all information is here:

You get tickets at the entrance, too.


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Thanks Karin for initiating this!
Will be there at 5!