Meet & greet with Ryan Neil at the Trophy

Hey all!

We’ve finally nailed down Ryan’s schedule for the Trophy in Belgium, and he’ll be able to do a meet & greet after his demonstration on Saturday, around 3pm. This will happen in the same room as the demo (or somewhere very close to there).

This is separate from the Mirai Member Meetup that @antelion is organizing. Ryan is hoping to attend that meetup as well. This is just an informal meet & greet for folks attending the demonstration.

Please let me know if you have any questions! Ryan is really looking forward to the trip.


Great! I‘ll be there.


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will be there! :ghost:

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Thanks Sam. I’ll be there.

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I’m so looking forward to meeting Ryan at the Trophy again!

Soooooo jealous of you all. I won’t be able to make it Grrrrrrrrr!

I’ll be the odd one out here. I spotted Ryan at breakfast last year… he looked shattered! I hope we all allow him a little ‘recovery’ time over the weekend.

Hello Blown55,
don’t really think your the odd one. If you know trade fairs and the busy schedules these bring with them + intercontinental travel then yes, you will understand how exhausting this is.

Would be cool to say hi. Looking forward to meeting everybody else too!

Will attend the demo but have to leave right after it. Taking the workshop with Danny Use and Ryan 2 days before that so that’ll be meet 'n greet enough I guess :wink:

hello @Fonz How did you get informed about the workshop? which communication channel? thanks for the feedback!

@Diabolo I’ve been taking classes with Danny Use and it was on his website/blog a while ago. Think that was the only way it was announced.

thanks! :ok_hand: