Date for your diary. Trophy 2020


Is it true that there was a meeting of Mirai live members last year at the trophy? Is something like that planned for the upcoming trophy too?

Who’s going and how do we organize to meet up?

Well I for one am going. I guess it’s best to wait until an official schedule will be published. Then we’ll just agree on a place and time and meet. Or we could go out for dinner or drinks, idk.

I just wondered if a meeting is already like a regular thing of if something will be communicated by Mirai. I think I remember Ryan mentioned something like this on the podcast once, but I don’t remember which episode…

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I hope I will make it this time!

I was at the trophy last year and we met up. I’m not sure how that happened though. I’ll be going next year too.

lets organise a flashmob with shirts and hats!

or seriously, dinner and drinks would be a great idea. would need to have a rough idea on the size of the crowd (and if team mire would be able to make time to join, that would also be great)

Not sure what/how it was done last year. But eventually makes sense to plan something ahead? Though it is understood that the teams schedule will be quit packed during the event.