Trophy 2020 Pix

Hi Mirai Team, Hi Ryan
Just had a short personal meet & greet with Ryan at the entrance. I was working (putting on the bracelets on the visitor’s wrists :slight_smile: )when I saw Ryan and went to say hi. Unfortunately I had a job to do at the exhibition and could not attend the meet & greet.
So here are some pix I could take in between my chores :
It was yet again a fantastic demo! Thanks Mirai team!.
Have a save trip back home.Greetings from Belgium (BAB )



Ryan and Todd… the dynamic duo!!!

That’s great to see that they improved the demos with a big screen where you can see details shot. Hopefully next year i can make it again. I hope you all had a great time and Ryan will be there next year again.
And thank you for the pics and impressions.

As I skipped a few years, I don’t know when they changed a few things :slight_smile:

One issue for the people that were with me is that no translation from English was provided, so I ended up doing the translation for them. They used to translate to both French and Flemish when there were only 2 demos in parallel. I understand it’s possibly more complicated with 4 demos in parallel.

Fantastic meet and greet with Ryan and Troy. Unfortunately Ryan was a little bit ill, so he did not make it to the beer bar.
Once again Thank You all for the fantastic demo!


Kerria, it’s the people such as yourself and team that do the jobs that allow us to enjoy the weekend whilst you work. Thank you for the work that you put in. Every little detail makes the show what it is.

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